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Hybrid Event: Future of Healthcare Week Asia


Economist Impact Event – Building Sustainable Systems for All

This hybrid ‘Future of Healthcare Week’ event is organised by The Economist Impact team. It gathers over 2 thousand healthcare leaders who will explore how to navigate the opportunities and challenges around innovation, accessibility, efficiency, sustainability and the inevitable acceleration of digital healthcare that the pandemic has catalysed.

Over the course of four days, policymakers, healthcare providers, academics and scientists will come together with representatives from industry, patient associations, charities and the finance sector to examine the covid-19 aftermath and how to solve the vulnerabilities it has highlighted.

Discussions will be on pressing issues including:

  • Accessibility and value-based care
  • Digital innovation and the hospital of the future
  • Big Tech’s chomping at the byte: digitise or be left behind
  • The personalisation and consumerisation of healthcare
  • Vaccine rollout and herd immunity enablers and barriers
  • Comorbidities and a more holistic approach to multiple illnesses
  • The post-covid cancer surge
  • Mental health: the gaps, the way forward in the workplace and beyond
  • Innovating drug discovery and clinical trials
  • Cell and gene therapies

Further topics that will be addressed include:

If the best way to predict the future is to create it, how can we work together to foster innovation?

Can we use the crisis to drive patient-centric, sustainable and accessible digital health solutions that empower patients to take ownership of their health?

Will covid-19 adaptations in our healthcare systems, such as the removal of some regulatory hurdles, persist into the future?

Can the public, private and civil sectors across health and technology come together to create a unified system?

How can we move from illness-focused “sickcare” to a more holistic prevention mindset?

Can Asia lead the way in defining the digital strategy for the future across the healthcare ecosystem?


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