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Forum: The Education World Forum 2020


The world’s largest gathering of education and skills ministers

In January each year, the Education World Forum brings together delegates representing over two-thirds of the world’s population to debate future education policy. The event comprises three days of insight and inspiration from pioneers, policymakers and experts, with many sessions given by education ministers themselves as part of an honest assessment of education’s common issues and challenges. The 2020 Theme is One generation – what does it take to transform education?

2020 forum theme

One generation – what does it take to transform education?

We know the world is changing quickly, and long-term visions for education are challenging, given that frequently we have little time to reflect and act – so we jump to action quickly. At the same time, we know that change in education is not like changing the books on a shelf. Like learning itself, transformation is more likely to happen through engaging minds; encouraging people’s innovation; securing their support; and working together. That way we might develop a persistent, over-arching vision for education.

To achieve a persistent vision, part of the approach might be associated with building partnerships, coalitions and cooperation. Such cooperation might include working across governments and between departments. It seems likely that it should include working with communities, professionals, society and industry.

If we are not simply to tinker around the edges of education, but to act on what we know, we should consider approaches to policy that, over time, prepare people well for future challenges; and engage broad and enduring support. Hopefully, then we can step towards authentic transformation and the kinds of education that support and fuel aspirations of learners and, ultimately the success of our countries and indeed the world.

2019 forum speakers

You can find a list of the speakers from the previous Education World Forum here.

How to contact the event organisers

Registration enquiries

Email: organisers@theewf.org
Phone: +44 (0)12 1355 1600

Press enquiries

Email: ewfpress@plmr.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0)20 3904 8681


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