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Exhibition: Study World 2020


The UK Education Advisory Service (UKEAS) partnered with the Department for International Trade, British Embassy Manila, and the British Council, to host this year’s Study World 2020 in the Philippines.

Study World is the UK’s largest exhibition event for international Higher Education Institutions (HEI), expecting to reach at least 500+ attendees in Manila and 200+ attendees in Clark—who are all interested to study in the UK.

There are exhibition slots open for UK HEIs to join and promote their innovating programmes for post-graduate studies on specialised courses, with focus on IT (e.g. Data Analytics, Cybersecurity), Advanced Engineering and Architecture (e.g. Construction, BIM, Rail, Urban Planning), Healthcare (e.g. Digital Health and Medical Informatics) and Finance (i.e. FinTech, e-commerce), among others.

In addition to student recruitment activities, there will be a dedicated event for UK HEIs to collaborate on sustainable, institutional partnerships with Philippine (PH) universities, including sending PH faculty to study in the UK, transnational education (TNE) arrangements, research collaborations, and other education experts.

This is in fulfilment of the recently passed TNE Act which encourages PH HEIs to internationalise and become world-class.

There will be arranged B2B meetings, site visits and matching with reputable and capable PH universities.

Deadline to join is on 21 February 2020.

For more information, interested participants may reach out to Ianela Ortiz, Senior Trade and Investment Manager (DIT Manila) at ianela.ortiz@fco.gov.uk.

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