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Exhibition: 3rd Sustainable Food Proteins Asia


Why you should attend 3rd Sustainable Food Proteins Asia

Plant-based proteins are obviously the most mainstream of the alternative protein sources. Despite the best efforts of vegetarians, burgers made from black beans and quinoa or cheese made from almonds just doesn’t appeal to most flexitarians. Synthetic biology startups and a whole new generation of biotech companies have been brewing and building alternative protein sources that might someday match meat and dairy in both texture and taste.

From growing beef in a lab to engineering microorganism to create milk, eggs using fermentation technologies, our food system is evolving into an exciting landscape than ever before! Methane, microbes, microalgae, insects – who knew there were so many alternative protein sources? Some are obviously highly experimental and niche, while others like those peddling plant-based burgers and milk are rapidly maturing.

Many of this new cohort of startups today are using genetically modifying microorganisms like bacteria/yeast in order to use fermentation to brew proteins. Rather than fight the inevitable, meat producers, agriculture companies and food companies like Cargill are hedging their bets with some serious investments and acquisition.

Attend CMT’s 3rd Sustainable Food Proteins ASIA conference and keep up to date on the latest issues in the alternative protein space.

Key highlights:

  • An investor’s perspective on the rise of plant-based and clean meat food on the global landscape.
  • Harnessing the Power of Plant Proteins in Asia.
  • Plant proteins will continue to be, a key near-term opportunity within the realm of alternative proteins for the food industry.
  • How can companies across the agrifood ecosystem engage productively with plant proteins, both as competitive threats to existing animal protein businesses and as opportunities for new business growth?
  • The nutritional profile of alternative proteins and optimising new protein sources to deliver health benefits.
  • Single Cell Food Grade Protein from Microalgae.

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Who is this event suitable for?

UK meat producers, agriculture companies and food companies with a vested interest in markets concerning alternative sources of protein.

More information

To contact the event organisers, please use the contact details below.

Fiona on +(65) 6346 9138

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