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DIT Export Academy Tech Festival


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The Department for International Trade is allowing organisations based in the Asia Pacific region to book one to one meetings with UK Technology companies who have innovative solutions for many of the problems associated with modern urban areas.

Summary of Participating Companies

Alchera Technologies:

Alchera’s cloud-based AI software, Alpha, powers enterprise-grade intelligent mobility and intelligent infrastructure applications

ASH Projects:

ASH is here to help you think bigger.

About your space – and how it could be working better for you. About your teams – and how you can empower them to make the small decisions that add up to huge savings and improvements in user experience. And about your strategy – with data-driven insight that empowers you to innovate, identify opportunity, pivot and stay ahead of the curve.

Awen Collective:

A cyber attack on a Smart City or energy, water, transportation, or manufacturing organisation could cause significant disruption to society. It is the mission of Awen Collective to reduce the impact of cyber attacks on society’s critical infrastructures.


A sensors-as-a-service solution that is the first machine vision-based LoRaWAN sensor that allows clients to monitor desk and room occupancy, indoor climate and air quality, light and sound levels. The data produced can be used to improve space efficiency, reduce energy waste and help manage business risks such as COVID-19 response and pandemic resilience.


Cascoda is a communications company that designs and manufactures ultra-low-power semiconductor radios and modules for Internet of Things (IoT) communications. Cascoda’s products are unique in that they provide highly secure, reliable and scalable technology, based on the universally supported internet protocol (IPv6)


Provide turnkey driverless vehicle deployments for any vehicle type, including an automated bus, as well as the backend operational platform for transport/mobility operators to run human-driven and/or driverless fleets as part of a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offering


Self-service data quality and matching software specialists, helping business users gain fast access to clean data and overcome IT bottlenecks associated with very large, messy sets of data.

Emu Analytics:

A London-based analytics and visualisation software company, focusing on big, fast and real-time geospatial data. This is typically the sort of data derived from big networks, transport systems, large scale IoT sensor deployments and fleet vehicle telemetry.

Their software is designed to rapidly ingest and analyse constantly arriving data, to present real-time operational performance metrics of infrastructure services, to enable organisations to more efficiently provide their services.

Humanising Autonomy:

Using a combination of behavioural psychology, statistical AI and novel deep learning algorithms, their predictive AI engine extracts observable and inferable behaviours of pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooter users, wheelchair users, and other vulnerable road users from video data to analyse and output behaviour intent predictions in real-time

Informed Solutions:

Informed Solutions helps clients achieve their transformation ambitions. Informed Solutions’ methods and platforms deliver end-to-end digital transformation. They undertake back office modernisation, including legacy systems migration and cloud migration and in the process, we open-up siloed legacy data to create valuable corporate assets.


Their core product is the MyID® credential management software platform. MyID enables governments and enterprises to deploy and manage PKI based digital identities so that citizens and employees can access secure cloud and network-based systems and resources using the strongest form of multi-factor authentication.


Masabi specialises in the digitization of fare payments in transport. Helping cities move away from large upfront capital investments associated with infrastructure and issuing plastic and paper tickets and moving towards using what is already in passengers pockets: contactless bank cards and mobile phones.


Ovon creates stylish home automation, IoT devices that save energy and improve comfort. They are globally active through Ovon Home and Ovon Technology with a headquarters in Manchester, UK.

ProtectBox (PB):

When small & medium businesses (B2B) buy cybersecurity they either spend thousands of pounds & waste weeks paying a consultant. Or, if they decide to do it themselves, they have the headache of swathes of jargon & solutions. How much easier would it be to go online & in a few minutes (for free) find & buy the right cybersecurity, whether they’re a (technical) expert or not?

Partners can help their B2B/C/G/I customers with Security (& wider protection) by using PB as add-on e-commerce in the below ways. PB builds brand loyalty, market penetration in new areas, CSR for a partner.


See.Sense is a technology and data company helping to get more people using bikes so that cities can reduce congestion, pollution and improve the health of their citizens. They have a B2C2B business model. Their award-winning B2C products include intelligent bike lights and GPS theft tracking devices that make cycling safer and improve the cycling experience.

Their new B2B products for bike and scooter manufacturers and fleet operators build on their core patented technology and apply state of the art connectivity to offer real-time tracking and never-before-seen data insights to unlock a wide range of benefits for their B2B partners and the cities in which they operate.


They enable project managers, engineers and surveyors of large civil infrastructure projects to capture, visualise and track their assets from anywhere.

Space Syntax:

Space Syntax works to de-risk property investment decisions, showing how the spatial layout of places can be optimised to enhance the social, economic and environmental value of developments. Using a highly graphic, data-rich and audience-engaging set of techniques, They help their clients achieve powerful results quickly.

Sycous Limited:

Sycous started in 2014 by creating a state of the art metering data collection and billing software for energy network operators and building owners. Since then, their services have been expanded to improve and expand the functions their customers can undertake to allow efficient operation of metering and billing processes.


Telensa makes wireless smart city applications, helping cities around the world save energy, work smarter and deliver more joined-up services for their citizens. Telensa PLANet is the world’s most deployed smart streetlight solution, with a footprint of 2 million lights

Unmanned Life:

Unmanned Life has developed the world’s first Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform leveraging AI, 5G and Autonomy to manage industrial autonomous integrated teams of different types of robots and drones. Unmanned Life´s mission is to be the default central intelligent brain for deploying autonomous robotics solutions for Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities with its 5G Autonomy-as-a-Service platform

Urban Tide:

At UrbanTide, their mission is to create a sustainable world with AI.

They help cities monitor transport emissions and improve cycling routes. They enable energy companies to share data and unlock renewable potential.

Their AI reduces fuel poverty and improves the livability of homes.

Utterberry Limited:

UtterBerry is a smart wireless sensor network company founded in 2013 and based in London. The equipment is highly versatile, yet small and lightweight. They can monitor several structural changes including displacement and tilt. They can also count and distinguish between humans and animals and can report on a range of other environmental factors.

Vivacity Labs:

Vivacity Labs are using artificial intelligence to improve the operation of roads. They provide intelligent video analytics sensors to gather data on how vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians are using urban environments and transport networks. Their intelligent sensors capture live classified counts as well as speed, path, journey time and queuing data on all forms of mobility.

Vortex IoT:

Vortex IoT is focused on delivering practical “Internet of Things”​ solutions into the Heavy Industry, Smart Infrastructure and Rail Infrastructure sectors.

Where “off the shelf”​ solutions fail due to harsh conditions or power limitations they have a full suite of bespoke and scalable sensor devices. Their IoT ecosystem combines the physical devices with cognitive mesh networks and cutting edge blockchain security.


VU.CITY is a game-changing, powerful digital twin of our cities that supports its users in creating, refining, and sharing the journey of city transformation.


Yoti, allows consumers to create a reusable digital identity profile that the consumer can use anywhere across mobile and web services that have integrated Yoti into their network.

ZPN Energy:

ZPN s a leading British, fast-growing Energy Technology (EnTech) provider headquartered in Coventry (UK) that design, develop and produces infrastructure technologies to win the fight against climate change.

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Carly Powell
Account Manager – Technology & Smart Cities
Department for International Trade

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