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Digital Safari & Networking Reception at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


The Department for International Trade is delighted to invite Southeast Asian telecommunications and tech companies attending the 2019 Mobile World Congress to join them in discovering UK innovation and expertise in the digital sector.

Visitors can start their Mobile World Congress week off by joining the Department for International Trade at their networking reception and “Digital Safari” in Barcelona on the evening of Sunday 24th February. The “Digital Safari” will be a series of 90-second pitches and tabletop demonstrations from innovative UK technology companies all looking for potential investment.

Venue details will be confirmed upon RSVP. Should visitors wish to bring a guest, full details will need to be provided upon RSVP, and valid photographic identification of all attendees must be shown on arrival to gain access to the event.

RSVP: techexports@trade.gov.uk

Investors can also register via Eventbrite if preferred.


Digital Safari Pitching Companies

Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies is an artificial intelligence business, using imagery and data analytics from UAV, satellite and plane technology, together with machine learning and computer vision techniques, to provide farmers with high-resolution crop maps.

ZigZag Global

ZigZag Global is a software solution to help e-commerce retailers manage returns domestically and globally.

Oxford Space Systems

Oxford Space Systems (OSS) is an award-winning space technology business that’s pioneering the development of a new generation of deployable antennas and structures for the global satellite industry.

Grid Edge

Grid Edge is an Artificial Intelligence startup company that provides AI software services to commercial building operators to empower them to intelligently optimise their building’s energy profile and become active and empowered participants in the energy system.


Optalsys is developing optical AI systems designed to accelerate the most demanding deep learning and pattern recognition tasks at groundbreaking speeds but at a fraction of the energy consumption of traditional computing hardware.

Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life is one of the world’s first AI-driven Autonomy-as-a-service platform integrating drones of different types along with a variety of capabilities to work together as robust autonomous fleets. The SAAS platform powers the deployment of commercial autonomous applications for industry 4.0 solutions over the cloud via the single management interface, to work outdoors and indoor, with or without GPS and over either radio, Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G.


Hazy unlocks data innovation. Data is currently trapped behind regulatory, security and privacy processes that block innovation and often there simply isn’t enough good quality data to take advantage of the most powerful analysis techniques. Hazy uses powerful AI techniques to produce synthetic data from your raw data that is of higher quality and safer to use. This removes the governance and data quality blockers allowing you to innovate at the same speed as challenger banks. Hazy is a UCL spin-out built by leading academics and backed by Microsoft and Nationwide.


SafeToNet is a cyber-safety company using AI and deep learning to safeguard children online from bullying, grooming, aggression and abuse online.


PixelPin provides businesses with a secure and personal authentication solution that uses pictures to replace passwords and PINS. The user selects 4 points on their picture for a simple and quick login. It is secure, personal and easy to integrate into web and mobile native apps as a federated service.


Ori is empowering networks to deliver distributed edge applications. We provide developers open access to deploy applications and services to edge nodes over multiple mobile operators through DNA, our platform that solves latency and real-time processing issues for the next generation of services and allows mobile networks to balance their investments in infrastructure.


Imont develops a highly scalable, distributed next-generation IoT software toolkit that allows companies to bring custom smart home and smart industry solutions to market rapidly and at a significant scale. Our software connects devices from many manufacturers, using different protocols and allows these to be coordinated locally and remotely without reliance on expensive cloud services.

Kets Quantum

KETS Quantum Security Ltd, based in Bristol, UK, is on a mission to secure communications using future-proof, scalable, and easily-deployed hardware solutions. The company has developed the world’s first integrated quantum-secured encryption technologies – from quantum random number generators to full quantum key distribution devices. Critically, they meet challenging size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements needed to boost security in applications including defence, telecoms, and critical infrastructure; with end-users from finance to governments and data centres.

Hello Lamp Post

HLP is an innovative engagement platform that encourages citizens to playfully interact with their city; having text conversations with street objects using unique identifier codes. Our project aims at humanising cities and helps decision makers educate the public and gather data to make more well-informed decisions, while also helping the public feedback to their city in a playful, human-centric way.


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