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Webinar: Developments and Opportunities in the Philippine Retail Sector


The Philippine retail sector continues to thrive supported by the country’s young workforce and increasing consumer spending. Increase your sales reach by exploring the opportunities in the Philippine market. Join the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines for this webinar on the latest developments and trends in the retail sector.

The current state of the retail sector?

The first few months of 2018 were positive for retailers as consumers enjoyed higher take-home pay as a result of the newly implemented Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law. However, economic and policy changes also eventually resulted in higher inflation towards the latter part of 2018, and with this, consumers started to rein in their spending amidst higher prices.

Store-based retailing is set to remain the dominant channel in the Philippines but at the same time will need to evolve. Aside from adding experiential elements to physical stores, retailers are also focusing on providing a seamless experience to shoppers by also strengthening their digital presence.

Retailers in the Philippines are adapting to the changing needs of local shoppers, for example by trying to make visits to physical stores more of an experience. Several retailers have started renovating their physical stores and opening flagship branches.

Why attend this webinar?

It is indeed an exciting time for the retailing industry in the Philippines due to new technologies available to retailers and new partnerships offering an improved shopper experience. However, towards the end of 2018, retailers became more cautious about targets and prices.

Retailers will slowly meet Filipinos’ demands for a more seamless, convenient and connected shopping experience across channels and devices. Physical stores will be revamped to cater for the modern shopper and partnerships will be signed with e-commerce platforms so as to provide retailers with an online presence.

Who is this webinar suitable for?

This webinar is suitable for any companies looking to export in-demand goods and services to end consumers or export supportive goods and services to retailers operating in the Philippine market.

How do you register to view this webinar?

To register your attendance in viewing the webinar on the 16th October, please click the link below and follow the instructions.


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