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Bigger Greener Smarter – The Cities of Tomorrow and the IP Rights Behind Them


About this event

Progress in technology has significantly contributed to the improvement of urban life. Innovations in building and construction techniques such as modular construction have reduced build time and cost without compromising safety, whilst iconic skyscrapers and bridges bear testimony to feats of engineering ingenuity. In recent decades, advancements in connectivity, data collection and analytics are further enabling cities to become “smarter” and “greener”, and at the same time larger through optimisation of city operations and services.

The first segment of this webinar will cover how innovations in physical and digital infrastructure can be protected through patent registration with relevant case studies. The second segment will cover other forms of intellectual property that are associated with businesses in the infrastructure sector and ways of protecting them.

Program details

  • 9.30am – 9.35am (Introduction)
  • 9.35am – 9.50am (IP protection of innovations)
  • 9.50am – 10.05am (Other important IPs to be considered)
  • 10.05am – 10.15am (Q&A)


Sam Cleary

Sam is a Chartered UK and European Patent Attorney with a technical specialism in the fields of electronic engineering, telecommunications, and computer software – particularly AI and machine learning, though he also handles work in the mechanical and civil engineering fields.

Sam has 8 years of experience providing extensive strategic IP advice to businesses of all sizes to help them capture value from their innovations and leverage that value to further their more general business objectives.

Wai Yeng Chan

Wai Yeng is the Head of IP Strategy at Taylor Vinters Via and a Singapore registered patent attorney with over 12 years of experience advising clients on their IP portfolio.

Wai Yeng has been on the panel of external IP experts with the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk since 2017 and she has worked in Myanmar and in Singapore providing IP advice to businesses operating in these countries and across Southeast Asia.

Who this event is suitable for

This event is suitable for companies working in the technology and infrastructure sectors that are interested in working in Southeast Asia.

Further details

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